We specialize in promoting local, independent Maine businesses on social media. Let us help you extend your reach, increase your web-presence, and engage your audience with integrity and creativity. 



Coffee Talk 

If you’d like to know more about what we do here at K&L, and how we can help you connect with your customers on social media, let’s talk! You can call me at 207.939.6210, or reach us by email: info@kandlsocialmedia.com.

I’m happy to meet with you over coffee (or over the phone) to find out more about your business and see if we might be a good match to work together. This initial meeting does not cost anything, so what’s to lose? Afterwards, I will be able to provide you with a proposal tailored to your specific marketing goals.

If you decide to move forward with our services, we would come up with a customized plan detailing the content, posting frequency, and ad budget for each network. For more information on our services, please see Coaching and Consulting and Social Media Plans

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

-Leah Twitchell

Owner and President of K&L Social Media


About Leah

imageLeah Twitchell has a degree in Creative Writing and a passion for communicating important ideas. She’s found her niche in Social Media Marketing, helping businesses get their message out on social networks. She loves the fact that businesses large and small can benefit from being “popular” on the web. She’s passionate about studying these benefits and putting them into practice when it comes to promoting your business. She’s found that sharing important information and making meaningful connections are the best ways to build a brand with social media. Some of her other interests include Feldenkrais, dance, Polyvagal Theory, dogs, dog training, the environment and fair trade. She currently resides in Portland, Maine with her three dogs and one cat.