What is Bounce Rate Anyway?

If you aren’t monitoring your website’s traffic with Google Analytics, then you probably aren’t aware of your bounce rate. Bounce rate tells you how many people landed on your website and then “bounced” off of it, meaning, they left the landing page without visiting any other pages. You can also think of it as a “single page session.” This means someone found your site but only visited one page during their session and then left. You really want to see your bounce rate as low as possible. Not only because you want to engage your potential customers beyond a landing page, but because bounce rate can influence your rankings in search engines.

Now the reason why social media is so important, is that visitors who find your website via social media tend to generate lower bounce rates. They are already interested in what you have to offer. They may even be a fan of yours on Facebook or a follower on Twitter. Basically, you have already established some sort of relationship with them or someone they know (they’re a friend of a fan) and so their visit to your website is less random than one generated by a search engine.

To show examples of this, let’s look at two examples of bounce rates for two very different companies:

bounce rates 1

bounce rate2

You can see that the acquisition stats for these companies are very different, but in both cases, the bounce rate of  a visitor from a “Social” source is lower than any other type of visitor. The quality of the visits to your site will improve your overall SEO, which is why it’s important to acquire visitors through social platforms in addition to having high organic search rankings. If you need help with your SEO, please contact our friends at Vesica Design.


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