My Social Media Pet Peeves

Does Social Media Matter- (5)

If you have a Twitter account, or Instagram, or Facebook, or ANYTHING really, but you haven’t put your web address in your bio/profile, then, what the heck?! I just came across a company on Twitter who actually doesn’t display their website in their profile. And it’s a company I like and wanted to see their site to learn more about them, so from Twitter I had to open a new tab and Google them! Crazy. Please don’t make your friends and fans go to great lengths to find you. There is so much information so readily available these days, that we’ve become LAZY. If you want us to find you, please be “clickable.” If you are more than one click away, our little ADD brains may not be able to deal. Also, those little bios are great spaces to get a message out to your potential customers/fans/followers. Make it clear what you are about… this is valuable real estate, use it!

This next one I’m absolutely SURE I’m guilty of. When you are uploading images to your website or blog, please change the file name to what the picture is. I really dislike it when I go to pin something on Pinterest and the title of the pin is: IMG_1029. I am honestly too lazy to the change the title of the pin, and so I just don’t pin it. I know it is a pain in the arse, and so easy to overlook, but please, title your images!!! If you forget to change the name of your file, give it an Alt Text Title. This is good for your SEO as well, so even if you don’t care about people pinning your photos, then you should have this in mind for SEO purposes.

Then there’s the Facebook post. Like many people, I often use links to create posts on Facebook. When the website does not have an image that Facebook can pull, or there is an image, but it looks like hell because the photo isn’t sized properly, then again, sometimes I am just too lazy to find an image and I decide not to post the link. So for all you website owners or developers, please make sure you have decent images and ones that show nicely on Facebook. Here’s a resource for your image sizes: Social Media Image Size Guides. If you need help figuring out what Facebook will “scrape” from your page, use the de-bugger!

And speaking of sharing links, did you know that making your web pages “shareable” is so important! It’s that “clickable” theme again. If I can share your information with the click of a mouse, then I am just more likely to do so. If I have to cut and paste a URL, especially if it’s particularly long and I will need to shorten it with or Hootsuite, then it has to be REALLY valuable information. Don’t forget, people these days have extremely short attention spans. You must make it as easy as possible to click and share your content. So install those buttons on your pages and make them shareable.

And one more little peeve, though perhaps one of the technically most powerful, when you have a links on your homepage (or any page really) can you PLEASE set them to “open in a new window”!? I think it’s so important not to “bounce” people off your homepage with links that open in the same window (this is obviously most important if they are linkingΒ to an outside site).

Ok, I can’t think of anything else at the moment, although I’m sure I will, so stay tuned… And if you have any of your own pet peeves, feel free to comment!


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