Retargeting on Facebook for Ecommerce Sites

Facebook Retargeting

Are you selling online with an Ecommerce site?ย Did you know that you can target past visitors to your website on Facebook by installing a pixel? I’ve used this technique and it works.

You will need to install a pixel on your website that Facebook creates for you in Ads Manager. You can change the settings of this custom audience to anyone who has visited your site in the past 180 days. The thing is, you can only collect data starting NOW and moving forward, therefore it will take some time to build this custom audience even after the pixel is installed. So start now! Go!

Did you install that pixel? Good.ย Facebook will now build a custom audience for you to retarget when you are running a promotion, promoting your website, or boosting a video. In my opinion, this marketing technique is an absolute must for Ecommerce sites because I’ve seen it result in sales. But it’s also a great idea for any business to start creating custom audiences in Facebook. If a potential or existing customer has visited your website, then they already have some sort of interest in or relationship with your business. And a great way to stay in touch with them is with that highly engaging content you will be posting on Facebook, right?! Well, to make sure that content reaches them, you must target them so that Facebook will place it in their newsfeed.

There are other ways to create custom audiences, so stay tuned for the next post. If you’d like help with custom audiences in Facebook, orย if you are in need of some amazing content to reach those audiences, let me know.

Your Friend in Social Media,

Leah Twitchell



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