Does Social Media Matter to Your Business?

Does Social Media Matter-

Some business owners just don’t want to deal with social media, which is understandable. It is time consuming, complicated and sometimes overwhelming. But a little bit of help can make a BIG difference and have a long-lasting impact on your business. Since I started working with Miss Moonmaker last November, she’s gained two new retail accounts from small business owners who found her products and made initial contact with her through Facebook.

We’ve also increased her Facebook fans from 406 to 550, using a very modest advertising budget. We’ve been garnering page-likes by boosting great content and also running a couple of small contests. And while most Facebook marketing does not work without boosting your posts, you don’t always have to pay for the exposure. Just this week alone, she had an unpaid post that reached 128,256 people, which brought her engagement rate very close to a similar page that has over 11,000 fans!

miss m post reach blur
Click to enlarge

This just goes to show when you hit the social media jackpot, your numbers go big very quickly. Content is everything. You *must* post quality content. Content that is fun and a little bit edgy, but still in line with your brand’s messaging. Here’s what her engagement looked like this past week:

miss m engagement
Click to enlarge

Would you like to pick up new business through your Facebook marketing efforts? If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider stepping up your game on social.


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