Making Science Fun For Kids

WMFK_logo™CMYK_R1Do you think kids should have happy experiences with science? Julie Wagner and Carleen Barra do! That’s why they created the Science Matters program for What Matters For Kids.

WMFK offers Science Matters as a comprehensive, hands-on science enrichment program for students ages 3 through 10. WMFK now has over 120 different lessons that are based in real science and can be tailored to a school’s curriculum.

Carleen Barra has always had a passion for asking questions and learning more. While studying for her degree in Elementary Education at Louisiana State University, Carleen interned at The Museum of Natural Science and fell in love with teaching science. After careers in marketing and IT project management, Carleen decided in 2008 that it was time to follow her passion, so she set out to create a hands-on science enrichment program for kids.

Julie Wagner wanted to be a teacher for as long as she could remember, so she pursued a teaching degree from Augustana College in SD.  Julie then headed to the East Coast , taking a job teaching technology education in three K-8 schools. Leaving the classroom to stay home with her two children, Julie missed working with groups of kids, so she partnered with Carleen Barra to co-create the Science Matters For Kids program.

Science Classes for Kids

Julie lives in Portland, Maine and has just opened the doors of What Matters For Kids here, so look for classes to start up this fall!


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