How Does Your Company Give Back?

Free Yoga

Here at K&L Social Media, we believe it’s really important for your company to create ties to your community by giving back. In whatever small way that even a start-up can, choose a cause that’s meaningful to you and give your time or money. A great way to share when you don’t have financial funds is by offering free services. Everyone has a skill or passion that they can share with the world!

Our founder, Leah Twitchell, is giving free Yoga every Thursday morning at 8 am on the Eastern Prom of Portland, Maine. If you are interested, meet by the playground and bring a mat or towel plus any props you might use in your own practice. This offering is for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or expert. You can bring your own practice or follow along with Leah’s very basic instruction. Come create an experience that will brighten your day!

This practice has been inspired by Ryan Esbjerg of Flex Your Face. Ryan is one of the brightest, most energetic people we’ve ever met, and he continues to ignite people’s lives with his passion for making the world a better place. Check out Flex Your Face on Facebook and start celebrating the little moments of joy throughout your day!


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