Pizza By Fire

Pizza By Fire

If you haven’t tasted Pizza By Fire, then you are truly missing out. Andrew has a brick oven on wheels and he caters weddings, birthdays, graduations and other events three seasons out of the year.

I happened to stop by a tasting he had at his shop (1 Industrial Way, Portland) on a drizzly fall evening, and it was so cozy standing in front of the brick oven that I didn’t want to go home. Not to mention the delicious pizza that was rolling out!ย Ingredients are simple and fresh. A white pizza with mushroom, garlic and parsley was my favorite. Andrew makes his own dough and keeps it on the tacky side so it comes out light and thin, not bready at all. Semolina is used to keep the pizza from sticking to the wooden board before it slides into the 700 degree oven and finishes baking in just minutes.

Pizza Margherita

Call Andrew (207.228.2087) if you have a party coming up in 2016, because his calendar is booking fast! And check them out on Facebookย or Instagram.


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