Like and Be Liked


Here are a few tips, especially for those of you on Instagram and Twitter. These especially, of all the social channels, work on reciprocity. So, you must follow to get followers. You must like to be liked.

If someone takes the time to tag you in a tweet, it is great to give them the courtesy of a retweet, or mention them in a new tweet. Or start a conversation. I’m not saying to talk to spammers or fake accounts. But if someone you know, like, respect, or a customer or potential client is giving you free advertising by tweeting about you, then give them a retweet! They will be so much more likely to continue tweeting about you, and it will show others that if they engage with you, there is something in it for them. We are humans, we are needy, we want your attention and love!

And even though Instagram is an insta-pain when it comes to regramming–because they don’t have a native regram button–you can install a handy app like Regrann and show your fans some love by sharing their photos on your account. When a fan tags you in a photo or mentions in a comment, please, don’t be too cool for school. Run your account like a human being and respond to them, like the photo, regram it, and give them props for showing their love. If you have a large following and people see that you are regramming fan photos, you can bet it will cause others to follow suit and garner you mentions galore. I’m not saying to regram every fan photo–they should be quality photos, flattering of your business and in the same “motif” as your brand. But show these people some sort of love!

#Repost @atommacdonald

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And finally, both of these channels work on reciprocity, so if you want to gain followers, you must follow others. Like, crazy follow. Like, thousands of accounts. Relevant ones, hopefully. And follow-back relevant, quality accounts as well. Or you can be sure they will unfollow you when they go to clean up their follow list with an app like Crowdfire


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