IndieGoGo: Let’s Heat Heiwa!

In case you didn’t know, we have a local tofu producer right here in Maine! Heiwa Tofu has been making tofu and soymilk from organic, non-GMO soybeans for the past eight years. After a lot of hard work, producing over 400,000 pounds of tofu, they were able to purchase their own building in Rockport, Maine and expand production in this new facility.

Support Small Tofu Makers!

As any small business owner knows, growing a business involves a LOT of risk, and taking this leap of faith by purchasing a piece of real estate was one of those risks that is slowly but surely paying off. But money is still tight and they now need a heating system to continue production into the winter months. We are one week into the campaign, and they have raised 36% percent of their $15,000 goal. Please consider giving them a boost with a donation or by sharing their campaign.





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