Video Banners are Here (For Some)

cropped doggie

***7.20.17: UPDATE: Video banners are now cropping very awkwardly to the upper left-hand corner of the videos instead of staying centered like the preview. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.***

You may have noticed that some business pages now have videos (!) as their banner instead of a still photo. I will warn you, this feature is still in beta and the uploading is touch and go. The banner dimensions are also awkward for a full frame video, however, you can still position the video like you would a photo, cropping it to the best dimensions after upload. And making a simple slideshow with stock photos is a great way to start if you don’t have the funds for something produced professionally.

Personally, I think it makes the page more dynamic and appealing to potential customers. Videos, even slideshows with simple music, can evoke much more feeling from viewers, and therefore a stronger connection with your brand, product, and services.

If you don’t yet have this feature available to you, just sit tight, they are still working out the bugs and slowly rolling it out to select pages at this point.


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