In order to market your business, you first have to define your brand. Answering any or all of the following questions will assist you in defining your brand identity:

  1. What lies at the heart of your business? What are you passionate about? (Get specific, it’s good to set yourself apart from the competition by making it clear what makes your business truly unique.)
  1. Write a mission statement. (How to write a mission statement)
  1. What’s your elevator speech? (What the heck is an elevator speech?)
  1. What are three words that describe your brand? Choose three really strong nouns and three verbs that will give your business its identity. Brainstorming with these words in mind, create a tagline for your business.
  1. Values: what does your business stand for? Pick some ethical issues and industry related topics you are passionate about and incorporate these to make a platform for your business to run on. (Sometimes making bullet points or a numbered list is a good idea.)
  1. How will your business give back to the community? Do you have a connection to a charity or community program that allows your business to donate time, services or money?

If you need help answering any of the above questions, we can help you clarify your answers, craft a mission statement, and define your brand. This would fall under our Coaching and Consulting Services. We can also connect you with the best Graphic Designers in Maine for logo-work.