Replying to Comments


When you have a popular post that is getting a lot of traction, engagement and comments, it’s super important (IMHO) to take the time to reply to comments. And when people are sharing your posts, take the time to thank them in a comment (see above).

If you can’t think of anything to say when you are replying to comments, you can always use a funny, cute, or interesting sticker. This may seem silly, but it works and most people love it. Replying with stickers can prompt even more replies with photos, more comments or a sticker in return. Each time someone replies to your reply, your post becomes more and more popular and shows up in the newsfeed of their Facebook friends.

It can spark conversations and help your customers and supporters understand that you’re not just on Facebook to post self-promotional content, you are are actually listening to what they have to say, and you have the time to personally engage with them.

It’s time-consuming for sure, but if you’re going to run a successful page that impacts your SEO and your customer relationships, please make it a priority.

Sharing Buttons, Put Them Everywhere!


A while back I had written a blog post about my top 10 social media “pet peeves” and I think this was on that list (as in, not doing this is a pet peeve of mine). But it is worth revisiting. If you want people to share your content, please, make it easy for them to do so. Put those sharing buttons EVERYWHERE. On every page of your website, every blog post, and most certainly on every email blast. If you don’t have a WordPress site, no worries, you can always use AddThis to easily install custom sharing buttons on your website (you choose which the channels).

If you are using MailChimp and want to send out an email campaign, please see these instructions if you are unsure of how to add and customize the social sharing “content block.”

In this age of click, click, 3 second attention spans, you musn’t make people jump through hoops to share your beautiful and valuable content. They really do want to share it. They just need to be able to do so in one click increments. Not everyone will have custom extensions installed on their browser that makes it easy to Pin and Tweet everything.

And in this age of a very “noisy” internet, you have to understand that a lost share could be a lost customer. So don’t be shy about asking for shares, likes and comments. If people know it’s important to you that they show interest in your content, they will most likely oblige.

I hope this helps! Ask me any questions via email:, or leave a comment below. 😉

New Features on Facebook

Facebook has added some cool new features (aside from the new emojis on post likes). The “Call to Action” button on your business page can now say “Call Now,” which I would highly recommend using if you want leads from FB. Second best to this would be “Email Now” if you prefer not to get calls.

facebook biz

The other cool thing I like has to do with personal profiles. You can now tell Facebook how to pronounce your name, which I think is a cool thing to do because a lot of times it’s embarrassing for people if they’ve met you and seen your name in print, but still are not quite sure how to correctly pronounce it. Also, it’s a nice way to virtually introduce yourself and make social media a bit more friendly. (As friendly as staring into a computer can possibly be.)

personal facebook

Speaking of personal profiles, have you linked your personal profile to your Facebook business page? If not, you may want to. Go to About or Update Info and when you type in your business name, a drop down should populate, allowing you to directly link to your business page. Now SELECT the page from the drop down menu instead of continuing to type it out and creating a link that goes nowhere.

Hope you found these tips helpful.


Social Good and The Abundance Cycle

being greedy
“If you really want to be greedy, be greedy in serving others. Try to remove the suffering of other people. Once you are unattached in your personal life, you can serve others, and by doing that you will find more and more joy. That’s why sometimes I say that the selfless person is the most selfish one. Why? Because a selfless person doesn’t want to lose his or her peace and happiness.” The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda

How does your company give back? This is an important question to ask. It’s not just because giving back can make you popular on social media–although it can–but because giving back should be part of a long-term sustainability plan. In my mind, being sustainable is a great way to give back, to the environment, to people, and to society. Jay Friedlander talks about how sustainability leads directly to abundance. In fact, he’s created a model for any business to use in order to increase sustainability in a strategic way that increases profit as well.

In a nutshell: It’s about abundance . . . an abundant world where companies that rejuvenate the social and environmental fabric make superior returns for shareholders. We felt it was time to make sustainability strategic and bring together disparate initiatives that companies loosely classify as “sustainability.”

Watch Jay’s TedTalk to learn more, and check out his website to see if it will work for your company (and it will!): Abundance Cycle.

Namaste y’all,


Like and Be Liked


Here are a few tips, especially for those of you on Instagram and Twitter. These especially, of all the social channels, work on reciprocity. So, you must follow to get followers. You must like to be liked.

If someone takes the time to tag you in a tweet, it is great to give them the courtesy of a retweet, or mention them in a new tweet. Or start a conversation. I’m not saying to talk to spammers or fake accounts. But if someone you know, like, respect, or a customer or potential client is giving you free advertising by tweeting about you, then give them a retweet! They will be so much more likely to continue tweeting about you, and it will show others that if they engage with you, there is something in it for them. We are humans, we are needy, we want your attention and love!

And even though Instagram is an insta-pain when it comes to regramming–because they don’t have a native regram button–you can install a handy app like Regrann and show your fans some love by sharing their photos on your account. When a fan tags you in a photo or mentions in a comment, please, don’t be too cool for school. Run your account like a human being and respond to them, like the photo, regram it, and give them props for showing their love. If you have a large following and people see that you are regramming fan photos, you can bet it will cause others to follow suit and garner you mentions galore. I’m not saying to regram every fan photo–they should be quality photos, flattering of your business and in the same “motif” as your brand. But show these people some sort of love!

#Repost @atommacdonald

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And finally, both of these channels work on reciprocity, so if you want to gain followers, you must follow others. Like, crazy follow. Like, thousands of accounts. Relevant ones, hopefully. And follow-back relevant, quality accounts as well. Or you can be sure they will unfollow you when they go to clean up their follow list with an app like Crowdfire