Wishpond Contest Results

The Tank
The Tank, of Readfield Maine, won The Evolved Dog’s Cover Dog Contest

If you’ve been considering running a photo contest on your Facebook page, but not sure it will be worth the time or effort, here’s a look at a Wishpond photo contest that I just ran for The Evolved Dog.

We started with 1,189 fans and in just under two weeks (from Dec. 17th-Dec 29th) we added 290 fans for a grand total of 1,479. I boosted the post with link to contest for $30 and reached 4,664 people with 14 shares and 51 likes. The post garnered 15 comments, 161 link clicks, 3 website conversions and 6 page likes.

We also gathered over 700 email addresses which were automatically integrated with my MailChimp account. Cha-ching.

I was extremely pleased with how easy it is to use the Wishpond features. They offer a 2 week free trial, so check them out and run a “test contest” to see if this might work for you and your Facebook page!



Auto-Posting Instagram to Facebook Business Page

River rock therapy. Of course it's better with barefeet, but my tootsies were cold! #toesocks

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I’m not usually a big fan of auto-posting content from one channel to another. However, in the case of Instagram to Facebook, I would say go for it. Now that Facebook owns IG, they’ve made it super easy to auto-post your photos to a business FB page. Photos display in full dimension, with tags.

When posting to IG, remember that high quality photos are a must. Use your artistic eye to take something unique, not seen every day. And if you are using IG for business, don’t just take photos of your products every single day. Tell the story of your business. Tell the story of a typical day for you, as a business owner: patronizing other businesses, connecting with your community. What do you do on a typical day off?

Social media marketing is just that, marketing. Marketing is not sales, but sales is a part of marketing. So don’t make every post like a commercial for your business. Think of all your social channels more like lifestyle blogs. What is the lifestyle that your company represents?

Portland Maine has the most beautiful working waterfront. #207isgreat #portlandmaine

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Paca Naturals: The Maine Alpaca Blanket

Did you know that Paca Naturals sources domestic fiber for almost all of the goods in their store? And specifically Maine fiber for their Maine Alpaca Blanket!


We partnered with Amanda Fogarty of A.Fogarty Photography and the AddMeraki lifestyle blog to create an amazing photoshoot of this very special Made in Maine product. Perfect as a couch throw, soft to the touch, elegant yet neutral to fit into any decor.

If you run an ecommerce site, then professional photos are really important, because it’s often the only experience the customer has of the product before purchasing. Of course, video is great as well! But at a minimum, have someone with product photography experience shoot your inventory before you list it for sale. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot. Amanda did a beautiful job staging and styling the shoot.