Joining Forces with Love Tree Marketing

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Photo by Jennifer Grace of Love Tree Marketing, all rights reserved

We are so happy to announce a new partnership with Love Tree Marketing! My good friend Jennifer Grace has many talents that compliment our services here at K&L Social. She is an amazing photographer and web designer. She’s also a wonderful writer, and brings a lot of knowledge in the areas of blogging, branding and advertising on social media. This partnership will allow us to better serve our clients with even more high-quality, original content for your website and social media channels.

We look forward to working with Jen in order to help Maine businesses grow their reach on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Our targeted advertising techniques combined with high quality content will also drive traffic to your website. We want your company to stand out in the noisy sea of internet chatter by combining content that creates an emotional connection to your brand followed up by amazing customer service. We both believe that placing an emphasis on customer service and engagement leads to longlasting relationships with clients and customers.

If you’re interested in what we have to offer in terms of both content creation and social media management, please contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly!



My Social Media Pet Peeves

Does Social Media Matter- (5)

If you have a Twitter account, or Instagram, or Facebook, or ANYTHING really, but you haven’t put your web address in your bio/profile, then, what the heck?! I just came across a company on Twitter who actually doesn’t display their website in their profile. And it’s a company I like and wanted to see their site to learn more about them, so from Twitter I had to open a new tab and Google them! Crazy. Please don’t make your friends and fans go to great lengths to find you. There is so much information so readily available these days, that we’ve become LAZY. If you want us to find you, please be “clickable.” If you are more than one click away, our little ADD brains may not be able to deal. Also, those little bios are great spaces to get a message out to your potential customers/fans/followers. Make it clear what you are about… this is valuable real estate, use it!

This next one I’m absolutely SURE I’m guilty of. When you are uploading images to your website or blog, please change the file name to what the picture is. I really dislike it when I go to pin something on Pinterest and the title of the pin is: IMG_1029. I am honestly too lazy to the change the title of the pin, and so I just don’t pin it. I know it is a pain in the arse, and so easy to overlook, but please, title your images!!! If you forget to change the name of your file, give it an Alt Text Title. This is good for your SEO as well, so even if you don’t care about people pinning your photos, then you should have this in mind for SEO purposes.

Then there’s the Facebook post. Like many people, I often use links to create posts on Facebook. When the website does not have an image that Facebook can pull, or there is an image, but it looks like hell because the photo isn’t sized properly, then again, sometimes I am just too lazy to find an image and I decide not to post the link. So for all you website owners or developers, please make sure you have decent images and ones that show nicely on Facebook. Here’s a resource for your image sizes: Social Media Image Size Guides. If you need help figuring out what Facebook will “scrape” from your page, use the de-bugger!

And speaking of sharing links, did you know that making your web pages “shareable” is so important! It’s that “clickable” theme again. If I can share your information with the click of a mouse, then I am just more likely to do so. If I have to cut and paste a URL, especially if it’s particularly long and I will need to shorten it with or Hootsuite, then it has to be REALLY valuable information. Don’t forget, people these days have extremely short attention spans. You must make it as easy as possible to click and share your content. So install those buttons on your pages and make them shareable.

And one more little peeve, though perhaps one of the technically most powerful, when you have a links on your homepage (or any page really) can you PLEASE set them to “open in a new window”!? I think it’s so important not to “bounce” people off your homepage with links that open in the same window (this is obviously most important if they are linking to an outside site).

Ok, I can’t think of anything else at the moment, although I’m sure I will, so stay tuned… And if you have any of your own pet peeves, feel free to comment!

What is Bounce Rate Anyway?

If you aren’t monitoring your website’s traffic with Google Analytics, then you probably aren’t aware of your bounce rate. Bounce rate tells you how many people landed on your website and then “bounced” off of it, meaning, they left the landing page without visiting any other pages. You can also think of it as a “single page session.” This means someone found your site but only visited one page during their session and then left. You really want to see your bounce rate as low as possible. Not only because you want to engage your potential customers beyond a landing page, but because bounce rate can influence your rankings in search engines.

Now the reason why social media is so important, is that visitors who find your website via social media tend to generate lower bounce rates. They are already interested in what you have to offer. They may even be a fan of yours on Facebook or a follower on Twitter. Basically, you have already established some sort of relationship with them or someone they know (they’re a friend of a fan) and so their visit to your website is less random than one generated by a search engine.

To show examples of this, let’s look at two examples of bounce rates for two very different companies:

bounce rates 1

bounce rate2

You can see that the acquisition stats for these companies are very different, but in both cases, the bounce rate of  a visitor from a “Social” source is lower than any other type of visitor. The quality of the visits to your site will improve your overall SEO, which is why it’s important to acquire visitors through social platforms in addition to having high organic search rankings. If you need help with your SEO, please contact our friends at Vesica Design.

Social Media is the Yin to Your Website’s Yang

So you have a website, and hopefully it has a responsive design and excellent search engine optimization. But even if your website is totally killing it in organic searches, you still need Social Media Marketing, and here’s why:

1. SEO rankings are affected by your popularity on Social Media. If you’d like to read a detailed article about how this is so, please click here: 8 Ways Social Media Affects SEO.

2. Social Media is the Yin to your website’s Yang. While your website may relatively static aside from some occasional updates and perhaps a blog you are keeping up with, social media is fluid like the ocean: always churning with activity that can bring your brand in front of new prospects with relatively little effort. Keeping your accounts fresh will engage new and current customers as well as keep you relevant in terms of SEO ranking.

3. More often than not, you will notice in your Google Analytics that the bounce rate of visits to your website generated from social media is much lower than that of visits generated from organic searches. Basically what that means is that the quality of the prospects you gain through social media is much higher because they spend more time and visit more pages on your site compared to the people who find you through a search engine.

4. You can let your brand come alive on social media. Your company will have the ability to interact with your fans and customers in real time on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The focus of your social media accounts should be to clarify your brand and create a culture that surrounds that brand. Social media should not be used solely for the purpose of self-promotion, and is actually most effective when you focus more on quality content, interactions, and networking within the culture you have created rather than constantly “spamming” your followers with links to your products or promotions.

5. Social media gives your business a personality! Let your customers know that your business has heart. Prospects, or as we like to call them, people, will develop a bond with your brand when they see that you are a company they can trust based on your values. Show them that you care about your community. Make connections with other businesses or non-profits, give back to the community, promote good causes and people will follow you. Now that you have created a culture that people trust, your brand will be well thought of and organically promoted through likes, shares and retweets.

6. Social follows, likes and shares will be your proving ground. Are you providing content that is getting attention on social media? Your fans and followers will give you instant feedback. Did that Facebook post just fall flat? You will know within hours, if not minutes. This is real-time, real-world marketing feedback. Social media will help you shape the personality of your brand and at the same time train you to share content that people actually care about. When you care about the people who follow you, and pay attention to the way they consume online content, they will reward you by sharing your brand with their friends.