Replying to Comments


When you have a popular post that is getting a lot of traction, engagement and comments, it’s super important (IMHO) to take the time to reply to comments. And when people are sharing your posts, take the time to thank them in a comment (see above).

If you can’t think of anything to say when you are replying to comments, you can always use a funny, cute, or interesting sticker. This may seem silly, but it works and most people love it. Replying with stickers can prompt even more replies with photos, more comments or a sticker in return. Each time someone replies to your reply, your post becomes more and more popular and shows up in the newsfeed of their Facebook friends.

It can spark conversations and help your customers and supporters understand that you’re not just on Facebook to post self-promotional content, you are are actually listening to what they have to say, and you have the time to personally engage with them.

It’s time-consuming for sure, but if you’re going to run a successful page that impacts your SEO and your customer relationships, please make it a priority.

Sharing Buttons, Put Them Everywhere!


A while back I had written a blog post about my top 10 social media “pet peeves” and I think this was on that list (as in, not doing this is a pet peeve of mine). But it is worth revisiting. If you want people to share your content, please, make it easy for them to do so. Put those sharing buttons EVERYWHERE. On every page of your website, every blog post, and most certainly on every email blast. If you don’t have a WordPress site, no worries, you can always use AddThis to easily install custom sharing buttons on your website (you choose which the channels).

If you are using MailChimp and want to send out an email campaign, please see these instructions if you are unsure of how to add and customize the social sharing “content block.”

In this age of click, click, 3 second attention spans, you musn’t make people jump through hoops to share your beautiful and valuable content. They really do want to share it. They just need to be able to do so in one click increments. Not everyone will have custom extensions installed on their browser that makes it easy to Pin and Tweet everything.

And in this age of a very “noisy” internet, you have to understand that a lost share could be a lost customer. So don’t be shy about asking for shares, likes and comments. If people know it’s important to you that they show interest in your content, they will most likely oblige.

I hope this helps! Ask me any questions via email:, or leave a comment below. 😉

Using Facebook Groups as Collaboration Software


When searching for collaboration software, you might try out such platforms as Slack, Basecamp, and Asana. But have you considered making a Facebook Group for your team? You might find that a group on Facebook fulfills all your co-working needs, and best of all, it’s free!

The advantages to using a Facebook group are many, and I’ll mention a few of them here:

1. Most people are already using Facebook and so they are familiar with many of the features you will be using in your group such as creating a post, making comments, tagging people in posts and comments, uploading photos, and also creating events.

2. You can create docs in Facebook, or upload them. Your group will be able to edit these docs and also view the revision history.

3. Instead of using a group calendar, you can create events for tasks or important deadlines. Now all the discussion regarding that particular task or deadline will be in the discussion section of the event. People working on this particular task can “attend” the event and receive notifications when something is posted in the discussion.

4. And did I already mention, Facebook groups are free to use?! They can also be set to private so you don’t have to worry about other people “finding” your group.

5. The tagging feature is extremely useful, as you can tag the appropriate people when you need their attention on specific subject matter.

6. The “newsfeed” of your group creates a record of who had what discussion when.

7. No need to search through confusing email threads!

There are also some disadvantages:

1. Some people are reluctant to join FB groups with coworkers, even though there is no need to “friend” everyone in your group.

2. Even though the use of events for tasks and deadlines is pretty awesome, there is no actual calendar feature (unless you go to your own personal Facebook calendar).

3. The document types you can create in FB are limited to text docs with very basic formatting. So unlike Google Drive, where you can collaborate on documents that are compatible with Microsoft Office programs like Excel and Word, these types of documents will need to be uploaded and downloaded.

4. Unlike Google Drive, all of your documents will be located under “Files” with no way to organize them into folders.

While no software platform that I’ve used is perfect, Facebook groups may be appropriate for your team once everyone understands how to use all the features. Try it, you might like it!



Facebook Marketing for Creatives

facebook 101.jpg

I’m excited to give another class! This one is geared towards creatives, and we have a limit of 12 people. $20 for the two-hour training and come early for the social hour.

This class is generously hosted by Earth Angel Arts at 419 Ocean St, South Portland, Maine. Date is April 11 from 4-7. The first hour is meant for socializing and networking, so if you can’t make it right at four, no worries! Workshop starts at 5 and goes until 7 pm.

You must pre-register by paying online: Buy Ticket.

If you are bringing a laptop, which is highly recommended, please be logged into Facebook (or know your password) and already have a business page.

Hope to see you there,


What Are You Waiting For?

Give Yourself a gift

If you’ve been trying to do it all, or depending on your already stressed staff to manage your posting, editing, boosting and customer service on social–consider making a change for the good by hiring it out.

We can take care of everything on your social channels, from creating content to targeting, remarketing and analyzing ROI of your advertising. We will monitor your accounts for leads, comments, questions and customer service issues.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about our services:

“Leah at K & L Social does a great job marketing via social media and is a great addition to our business at Air & Water Quality.

As a small business it can be difficult to take time out of our own busy day to day schedules to network with our customers in the manner in which we would like. Leah is effective and reaches existing and new customers with informative self-produced and third-party articles and videos.

We’ve hired Leah to provide consistent, weekly updates to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google accounts. In over a year she’s been able to dramatically increase our page likes and views and is able to do so with very little instruction from us.

She’s dependable and highly self-motivated and could do the same great work for you as she does for us at Air & Water Quality.”

-Jayson Morrison, Sales Manager at Air & Water Quality

“Leah at K&L Media has been a godsend. As a pre-launch startup, my business has a lot of moving pieces and it’s imperative that I work with the right consultants. Leah fits that bill to a tee. Not only has she been helpful in getting me started with my social media (from set up to strategy to content), she also has a great marketing mind in general and understands how all of the components fit with the brand. She is creative, smart and has amazing follow-through. I couldn’t be happier.”

-Marie Sola, founder Daughters of Change