Coaching and Consulting


If you need help setting up your social media accounts, we offer technical support and consulting services at $75 per hour. You may also like to have a consultation if you are already using social media for your business but haven’t been gaining fans and followers, or haven’t been successful reaching your desired target market. Maybe you have specific goals, but aren’t quite sure what it will take to achieve them.



We can help you define your goals and start taking action to reach them. We will assist you in designing and launching Facebook ads, targeting these ads to custom audiences. We help you decide when and how often to post, and what type of content your clients might like to share. We also offer assistance with, and suggest best practices for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Promoted Pins, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.

If you are looking for management and maintenance of your social media marketing, please see our Social Media Plans



If you’ve had a consultation with us and want to manage your own social media, you might need an accountability partner to stick to your plan and achieve success. To that end, we offer coaching services in the form of weekly or bi-weekly phone calls or Skype sessions. These would serve as both technical support as well as time for us to “check-in” and see what progress has been made. As an example, someone who has the goal of blogging every week may find it difficult to stick to this plan without a coach giving them a deadline for a first draft, a final draft, and a publish date.

Those of us who run our own businesses know that there are always about 100 different things we could be doing 24/7. The most successful people choose to prioritize, focus, and say “no” to the many distractions that take us away from the most important business activities. These check-in sessions will hold you accountable for focusing on those tasks, achieving your goals, and executing your marketing plan–ultimately bringing you success!

Please also see our Branding page for help writing a mission statement and defining your brand identity.