Here’s what some of our lovely clients are saying about us…

Jen Kosinchuk

“When you are a sole proprietor, the sooner you realize you cannot do it all, the sooner you get the support you need in your business to thrive not just survive. The importance of social media for small business can often be overlooked and for my business it was an afterthought. K&L Social media has been an added dynamic boost of support for Miss Moonmaker that has energized us. Connecting us to other like-minded businesses, exposure and awareness beyond my immediate reach. Social Media really does help. My sales and contacts have grown and keep growing. I now have an audience who is truly engaged. K&L Social Media will truly grow and know your business inside and out. Leah at K&L will represent and be a voice for your company that you would be sure was your own. Help is on the way, sit back and relax, you don’t have to Tweet, and blog and Pin and post tonight — This girl is on it!” –Jen Kosinchuk, aka Miss Moonmaker

I’ve never worked with a leader in social media who is as detail-oriented, conscientious, and proactive as Leah. She was the fire behind our successful crowdfunding campaign, always thinking one step ahead while helping us see the big picture of how all things were fitting together. She was like a conductor who orchestrated diverse strategies to help make our message sing and resonate with our audience. I am thankful I got to collaborate with Leah, as she made all of us feel like we were part of something greater than ourselves. She’s a joy to work with!” Dandan Liu, Multimedia storyteller and videographer for Heiwa Indiegogo Campaign