Social Media Plans

Our mission is to help local businesses leverage social media marketing to expand their customer base, and to create lasting relationships with those customers. Customers connect to you when they know what you stand for and what your values are. We can help you tell your story by letting people know what lies at the heart of your business.

  • Would you like to start a conversation with your customers?
  • Do you know how to create trust and connection with your audience on social media?
  • Are you using social media to build long-lasting relationships?

At K&L Social, we take care of your social media accounts in a conscientious and meaningful way so that your brand develops a personality and a loyal following. The plans shown below are a “sample menu” to give you an overview of our services. Please contact us for a consultation, because every business needs and deserves a customized plan. 


Connect with Your Customers on Facebook

This plan includes one Facebook post per week for a total of four posts per month. Each post will be used as an ad (or boosted page post). We manage all of your ads, ad budget, pixels, custom audiences and retargeting. We also take care of all the engagement on your page, responding to comments and messages, as well as inviting everyone who reacts to your posts to like the page. This plan includes one piece of original content that we will create for you, either a blog post, photo shoot or short video. When shooting video or photos there may be a surcharge for mileage outside the greater Portland area. We require a minimum of $150 in Facebook Ads at this level, which is why they are included in the monthly fee for this service, which is $750.

Combo Plate: Instagram and Facebook

The “Combo Plate” includes everything listed above in “Connect with Your Customers” while adding Instagram to the mix. We will make 10 Instagram posts per month, and take care of engagements, tags, comments, and messages on this additional channel. We require a minimum of $200 in ads at this level, which is why they are included in the monthly fee of $950.

Aggressive Growth Plan

For larger businesses who would like more frequest postings, we will create 2 Facebook posts per week (for a total of 8 posts/month) and include 20 Instagram posts. All of the engagement, ad management and content creation of the previous two plans are included. In addition, we will create two pieces of original content for your business (which can be used on your website and posted to your social accounts). We require a more aggressive advertising budget of $300/month at this level. This ad budget is included in the monthly fee of $1550.

Twitter and Pinterest

We also work with Twitter and Pinterest, including Promoted Pins. Please talk to us about customizing a plan with these added channels.

À La Carte

  • Rafflecopter Giveaways and Facebook Contests
  • Email Campaigns


Please contact us FMI and pricing on these additional offerings.