Helping Heiwa


As many of you know, I am big on giving back. That’s why last year I donated my time to help Heiwa Tofu run a crowdfunding campaign so they could buy and intall a heating system for their new building in Rockland. It was such a pleasure working with this local family business! Jeff and Maho have worked very hard over the past 8 years making organic tofu and soymilk from soybeans mostly grown right here in Maine.

That’s why I felt good about volunteering my time to support their leap into owning their own production facility so they could ramp up production, hire a crew, and grow this amazing business. I did this as part of a small business grant called BizIn, which was created by fellow New Ventures Graduate, Carrie Yardley of Yardley Esq., PLLC. She, along with Valerie Geredien, Buzzwings Marketing, Erin Smith, of Wheatberry Design, and Susan Walters, Stories that Shine, created this grant to support local, small businesses in Maine. In addition to our BizIn team, Dandan Liu also donated her time to create this beautiful film about Heiwa, which was integral to our Indiegogo campaign.


Heiwa Tofu Indiegogo Video from Dandan Liu on Vimeo.


It was an amazing feeling working with this group of women who had all benefitted from the New Ventures program, and now were giving their time to support other business owners. The campaign turned out to be a great success, and all told, we helped Heiwa raise over $18,000! They were able to purchase and install the heat pumps needed for their new building in Rockland.

Heiwa continues to grow and thrive, and I continue to show my support by eating their delicious, organic tofu!



Creating a Feedback Loop: The Power of a Quality Blog Post

A popular blog post does two things for you: it gives your SEO a boost, and also gives you something very valuable to share on your social media. Then we have a feedback loop that increases your web visitors AND increases engagement on your social media channels. The more people visit your website, the more popular it becomes, and the more people who engage with you on social media, the more people will visit your website. You can also, with the help of the Facebook pixel, retarget your web visitors, therefore spending your advertising dollars on people who are most likely to engage with you again. So essentially you are creating a custom audience and a loyal following with quality content. You want to send people to your website from your social channels, and then make sure to retarget them on social over and over again. This feedback loop creates lasting relationships with real and potential customers who are regular content consumers.

The above blog post was shared to Plant Something Maine’s Facebook page. We then gave it a modest boost of $15.00. This post had a reach of 5,121 people, got 132 likes and 31 shares. Well worth the small ad budget.

In the next example, I wrote a blog post for my website, The Evolved Dog. I spent no ad dollars giving this post a Facebook boost, but it continues to perform very well.

This page has a following of 1,545 people and on average, an organic post reaches between 100-400 people. This particular blog post had an organic reach of 2,170, was liked 18 times and shared 20 times. According to my Shopify insights, it’s been read over 138 times. This is all organic! Something I should boost for sure.

If I haven’t convinced you of the importance of a quality blog on your website, I’m not sure what will… but hopefully if you’re not already blogging, you will soon!


New Features on Facebook

Facebook has added some cool new features (aside from the new emojis on post likes). The “Call to Action” button on your business page can now say “Call Now,” which I would highly recommend using if you want leads from FB. Second best to this would be “Email Now” if you prefer not to get calls.

facebook biz

The other cool thing I like has to do with personal profiles. You can now tell Facebook how to pronounce your name, which I think is a cool thing to do because a lot of times it’s embarrassing for people if they’ve met you and seen your name in print, but still are not quite sure how to correctly pronounce it. Also, it’s a nice way to virtually introduce yourself and make social media a bit more friendly. (As friendly as staring into a computer can possibly be.)

personal facebook

Speaking of personal profiles, have you linked your personal profile to your Facebook business page? If not, you may want to. Go to About or Update Info and when you type in your business name, a drop down should populate, allowing you to directly link to your business page. Now SELECT the page from the drop down menu instead of continuing to type it out and creating a link that goes nowhere.

Hope you found these tips helpful.


What Are You Waiting For?

Give Yourself a gift

If you’ve been trying to do it all, or depending on your already stressed staff to manage your posting, editing, boosting and customer service on social–consider making a change for the good by hiring it out.

We can take care of everything on your social channels, from creating content to targeting, remarketing and analyzing ROI of your advertising. We will monitor your accounts for leads, comments, questions and customer service issues.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about our services:

“Leah at K & L Social does a great job marketing via social media and is a great addition to our business at Air & Water Quality.

As a small business it can be difficult to take time out of our own busy day to day schedules to network with our customers in the manner in which we would like. Leah is effective and reaches existing and new customers with informative self-produced and third-party articles and videos.

We’ve hired Leah to provide consistent, weekly updates to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google accounts. In over a year she’s been able to dramatically increase our page likes and views and is able to do so with very little instruction from us.

She’s dependable and highly self-motivated and could do the same great work for you as she does for us at Air & Water Quality.”

-Jayson Morrison, Sales Manager at Air & Water Quality

“Leah at K&L Media has been a godsend. As a pre-launch startup, my business has a lot of moving pieces and it’s imperative that I work with the right consultants. Leah fits that bill to a tee. Not only has she been helpful in getting me started with my social media (from set up to strategy to content), she also has a great marketing mind in general and understands how all of the components fit with the brand. She is creative, smart and has amazing follow-through. I couldn’t be happier.”

-Marie Sola, founder Daughters of Change

How Does Your Company Give Back?

Free Yoga

Here at K&L Social Media, we believe it’s really important for your company to create ties to your community by giving back. In whatever small way that even a start-up can, choose a cause that’s meaningful to you and give your time or money. A great way to share when you don’t have financial funds is by offering free services. Everyone has a skill or passion that they can share with the world!

Our founder, Leah Twitchell, is giving free Yoga every Thursday morning at 8 am on the Eastern Prom of Portland, Maine. If you are interested, meet by the playground and bring a mat or towel plus any props you might use in your own practice. This offering is for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or expert. You can bring your own practice or follow along with Leah’s very basic instruction. Come create an experience that will brighten your day!

This practice has been inspired by Ryan Esbjerg of Flex Your Face. Ryan is one of the brightest, most energetic people we’ve ever met, and he continues to ignite people’s lives with his passion for making the world a better place. Check out Flex Your Face on Facebook and start celebrating the little moments of joy throughout your day!